Eyegenix™ has the exclusive worldwide commercial rights to a biosynthetic artificial corneal material for transplantation, which holds the potential promise to cure the estimated 10 million people who suffer from corneal blindness but have no access to a transplant due to a global shortage of donors.

Invented at the University of Ottawa by Drs. May Griffith, David Carlsson and their colleagues, the class of polymers which is being developed by Cellular Bioengineering Inc. / Eyegenix, has also been used in a physician sponsored first-in-human clinical trial conducted at a Swedish university.

Although corneal transplantation is a successful procedure that is performed more often than all other types of organ transplants combined, it is only able to help less than 2% of patients with corneal blindness worldwide due to a lack of donors. The material under exclusive license to Eyegenix is unique in its approach of replacing a human donor with a completely synthetic, transplantable cornea designed to promote tissue regeneration, which can be an off-the-shelf solution for patients worldwide.