Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii

Eye Surgery Center
The Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii was established in 2011 by Skai Ventures, in partnership with leading ophthalmic surgeons, with the goal of creating the largest single specialty eye surgery center in Hawaii.

The center features state of the art facilities created specifically for eye surgery and has the capacity to potentially provide up to approximately 9,000 surgeries a year. The out-patient surgery center is designed for maximum quality and efficiency, ensuring patients comfort and convenience.

The Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii is less costly than a hospital, while maintaining a higher level of care for the eye patient. Hospitals generalize rather than specialize and as such are not ideal to serve the unique needs of eye surgery. At the Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii, all surgeons and support staff specialize in eye surgery. Unlike hospitals that treat contagious diseases, the eye surgery center does not, which enables them to offer a safer, more hygienic environment for eye procedures.