Hank C. K. Wuh, MD, MPH

Founder, Chief Executive Officer Skai Ventures, LLC

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Hank C.K. Wuh, MD, MPHAn orthopedic surgeon, inventor, and entrepreneur, Dr. Hank C. K. Wuh has led the development of over twenty biomedical and consumer healthcare products from concept to commercialization.

Dr. Wuh is founder and CEO of SKAI Ventures, a hybrid of venture capital and technology accelerator focused on transforming novel, ingenious ideas from scientists and inventors into disruptive innovations and high growth companies (www.skaiventures.com).

SKAI Venture’s motto is Invent. Disrupt. Inspire.

SKAI’s mission is to invent the future, disrupt the status quo, and to inspire young entrepreneurs and innovators to follow their dreams.

Some of SKAI Ventures’ portfolio companies include Cellular Bioengineering, Inc., developing the world’s most advanced, bioengineered cornea for transplantation to restore vision for the 10 million people around the world with corneal blindness.

TruTag Technologies (www.TruTags.com), innovator of an edible security platform to address the trillion dollar global counterfeit problem and the issue of food and medicine safety.  TruTag® microtags are inert, edible and can integrate into the very fabric of a product, independent of packaging and labels, much like fingerprints on a human being. Millions of optical patterns can be embedded into a ‘TruTag’, which is a dust sized particle less than the width of a human hair. TruTag® can be used for the authentication of food, drugs, electronics, industrial components, and consumer products.  The TruTag® security platform will help prevent counterfeiting, enhance the safety and traceability of food and medicine, improve tracking and logistics plus assure product quality.

SKAI Vision Institute (www.eyesurgeryhi.com),  a center of excellence delivering leading-edge technology to restore sight for visually impaired patients from throughout the Asia and Pacific;

Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii (www.endoscopyhawaii.com), a center of excellence providing state of the art screening and early detection of gastro-esophageal and colon cancer.

SKAI Rocket, an incubator to help young entrepreneurs interested in developing software, mobile apps, and online games to pursue their passion and to impact the world.

Dr. Wuh received his B.A. from Johns Hopkins, MPH from Harvard, and MD from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Dr. Wuh was Resident and Chief Resident in Orthopedic Surgery at  Stanford Medical Center.  At the University of Hawaii, Dr. Wuh is Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at the John A. Burns School of Medicine.  He is a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Innovation and Technology Advancement, and Dean’s Council at the School of Engineering.