“The American Way has always been to take great ideas and turn them into living, practical, commercialized solutions. Cellular Bioengineering Inc. [SKAI Ventures] is a company that epitomizes this activity. This is the essence of American Innovation. Great idea… efficient development. It’s what is needed to keep America as the world’s innovative leader. I believe this is what SKAI Ventures does so extremely well.”

David S. Lee; Chairman and CEO; eOn Communications; Special Advisor on Technology to Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Bush

“Many of Cellular Bioengineering’s innovations have immediate applications to Homeland Security; others represent fundamental improvements in the quality of human life. I have seen first hand a few of the phenomenal breakthroughs CBI has created that promise to revolutionize the world – artificial corneas, decontaminating gel for radioactive material cleanup, unique optical tagging technologies, and the 2005 National R&D 100 winner, SKAI Ventures’s bio-sensor Cell Matrix Chip.”

Capt. William Shepherd USN (Ret); former American Astronaut, Commander of Expedition 1, the first crew on the International Space Station; Recipient of the Congressional Space Medal of Honor

“As a military leader, I have always believed that human resourcefulness was one of the biggest assets you could have when entering into combat or any challenging situation. The folks at Cellular Bioengineering certainly have displayed all of that and more. Their solutions are clever and efficient, and developed with far fewer resources in their corner. I admire their energy, innovation, and relentless pursuit of leading edge technology.”

Admiral Thomas Fargo USN (Ret); Former Supreme Commander; Pacific Command; President and CEO; Hawaii Superferry

“SKAI Ventures has demonstrated their exceptional expertise in multiple programs that have been derived from academic patents, which SKAI Ventures has then enhanced to develop commercially tractable programs. The wealth of ideas and potentialities within academia represent an enormous yet underutilized National resource, and SKAI Ventures is providing both a model and real-life example of how small businesses can have a major role in translating academic discoveries to tangible and beneficial commercial products.”

Jerold Chun M.D., Ph.D.; Professor; The Scripps Research Institute

“In a rapidly shrinking world, Hawaii must strengthen its position as a technology player. It can serve as a technology bridge between Asia and the US, not only because of its location, but also because the efforts of companies like SKAI Ventures.”

The Honorable George R. Ariyoshi; Governor, State of Hawaii (1973-1986)

“Cellular Bioengineering’s two technologies, the bio-integrating synthetic polymer and the corneal endothelial transplantation procedure, show tremendous promise for addressing problems of tissue rejection that develop in some corneal transplants, and can help reduce or eliminate corneal blindness in the world today. SKAI Ventures is at the forefront in the new field of donorless corneal replacement.”

Dimitri Azar M.D.; Professor and Department Head; University of Illinois at Chicago ; Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences