Message from our CEO

Hank C.K. Wuh, MD, MPHHank C. K. Wuh, MD, MPH

A disruptive technology is an innovation that eventually overturns the status quo and forever changes the future. SKAI Ventures is an accelerator of disruptive technologies.

Our motto is a simple one: Invent. Disrupt. Inspire.

We search the world for ingenious and creative ideas, and we transform them into disruptive products with profound global impact. We have harnessed an extraordinary portfolio of intellectual property ranging in maturity from newborn concepts to products in the global market, and we are proud of our accomplishments as a company whose culture is centered on innovation and out of the box entrepreneurial thinking.

Despite our geographic location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we are a corporate citizen of the world. Through the power of innovation, we intend to help shape the world into a better and safer place, and to inspire future generations of young entrepreneurs.

What makes an innovator is simply a state of mind.

Innovation can take place anywhere, by anyone, who is not afraid to pursue the power of an idea.

While we embrace creativity and freedom of individual expression, we also espouse certain key values, which are essential to who we are. At SKAI Ventures, those are integrity, honesty, respect, and corporate citizenship. As a fundamental requirement, all of our inventive energies are directed toward making the world a healthier, safer, and better place.

Invent, disrupt, inspire.

Welcome to SKAI Ventures.

Hank C.K. Wuh, MD, MPH
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
SKAI Ventures, LLC